Bumpers Kissing

I wanted something inspiring —

flipped through my preset radio stations,

played a track from a Spotify list,

made a phone call...

felt nothing.

The traffic crawled,

the winter sun blinded,

I could still see my breath in my car,

and through it —

The reason for the slow commute:

A car being jumped by another.

Is there anything more inspirational?

On the Ike, on a cold winter’s day,

someone’s car dies

and some stranger offers the juice

of their energy to them,

gets the cars in just the right spots —

bumpers kissing —

wires them up while their hands go numb...

There, there — they’re connected now,

it’ll be all right...

and the car comes to life.



How can I be that juice,

just when someone really needs it?

More, who have I to thank

for giving me what I needed

to make it through on a cold winter’s day?

Anne Flavin1 Comment