What’s Left

If you’re in a place of grief this holiday, I offer something to you I wrote for someone else. Maybe it’ll help a little; it probably won’t. But maybe for a minute it will and a minute is better than nothing.


What’s Left




The moon where he sits curled up;

it was better

when he was curled up next to you,

I know, I know —

but let me at least mention

some things from the land of light

for you right now:

still, the sun -

the way it sparks a

memory of the glint in his eye

when he smiled that way

that was never captured on film

when you look through every picture

you have of him,

ones that you never thought you’d hold onto like you are now

when you took them then.

Only in your mind now -

how does it all go so fast?

A real rip-off;

everyone’s sorry,

but no one is sorry you had him

for a little while.

Not even you.

And that’s what’s left.

The grief is the dark side

of the bright side

that is love.


A picture of sunshine from a trip we took this fall. Happy Solstice today, Friends. It’s all down hill from here, at least in terms of light — each day a barely perceptible smidge brighter. Good luck.

Anne FlavinComment