Wrote something new....



The leaves are falling;

it’s getting darker

earlier and earlier

and to top it off for a person who loves summer,

they figure out that the tooth fairy isn’t real.

They’re happy;

they like adult knowing.

I know this is only the beginning of knowing.

Actually, the beginning was before;

it keeps happening.

Every year, another step away from the womb

that grew the tooth

that was under the pillow

when they woke to our faces

in their face

sliding the dollar beneath their head

taking the tooth that was once a part of me anyways.

I told my parents I was going to my 20th year

reunion from high school.

Their faces contorted into shock and disbelief -

almost annoyance -

that the leaves keep falling

and that we are not trees

that can live for hundreds of years

and that I, their baby,

have lost all my teeth and have been out of high school for twenty years.

Every now and then these are the things

that splash the cold water in our faces

to let us know to get living

while we can

before the last leaf falls.

Until then, there is more.

There is always more,

even when their eyes lock ours

and they catch us as the tooth fairy

and they wonder what else we’ve lied to them about

and one says, “It’s ok. Don’t tell me any more for now. You can save it for yourself until I’m older.”

Which somehow makes your heart break

more than it ever would have just because

a silly old tooth you grew in your body

fell out of their head

and they know the fairy is you.

Anne FlavinComment