To Those Who Show Up and Give Love

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Happy Father's Day to all of those who dad up, who do the work, who cut their kids' food, who change diapers, who rock and rock and rock their babies,

who take the time to explain and to listen,

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who relate to their sons' and daughters' interests instead of forcing their own upon them,

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who do what needs to be done without hesitation,

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who screw up with their kids and say sorry to their kids, who teach,

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who love and love and love some more and who show that love in the best way they can, who get on the floor to play,

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who take the time to give so that their children know what quality time looks like,

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what quality love feels like,

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who teach their sons and daughters to be respectful and who teach their daughters and sons to be treated with respect.

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Your children, my children, and all of us feel everything you do for us as love and as strength and as protection. We feel it in our connection to you and to the world because we know we have you on our side.

To those of you who treat the world and its women and children well, to the ones who are here and to the ones whose physical presence we miss, this day is for you. You make us all better. You help us all feel better about who we are.

To my husband and to so many fathers of children my children's ages, who turn us into chopped liver as soon as they walk in the door, we love when we become chopped liver. We thank you for being dad enough that we cease to exist for those first 30 minutes when you walk into their world again.

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I hope you find five minutes to yourself today... if you read this, your time is nearly up.