The Sweet Spot

  It was 7 degrees outside when we walked inside this conservatory.  We saw color, we started sweating, we felt like we were a family of Dorothys stepping out of black and white and into colorful Oz.  We all started laughing for no reason other than, I guess, the happiness that comes from beautiful, fresh places.

New places give us new feelings to try on; they give us a break from whatever we need.  By this point in winter, I start cooking up ludicrous (and expensive) trips that we'll never take and getting great big ideas of moving to St. Barth’s.  I’m over winter and so I start running away, which isn’t all bad really, so long as I find some of those sweet spots in the moments that exist in the right now.

The Sweet Spot

When we’re in the cold,

we long for some heat.

When we’re in the dark,

we long for some light.

When they are needy babies,

we long for some alone time.

When they are aloof teens,

we long for some connection.


How rare it is

to love

all of what we are in



And, yet,


this sweet spot,

is all we’ve got,

(what a cliché, I know,

but ignored even so).


I take their hands

and go to where

we can each find

some heat in the cold,

some light in the dark,

some alone time,

some connection,


however we can

so that we can all see in color


in this sweet spot of



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