Thank You

Yesterday got me. You all showed up. Thank you. People pushed back nap times, rushed over before games and other events, brought newborns out for their first mall visits; people shared my stuff, helped me set up my stuff (and by “helped,” I mean, they just totally did it – looking at you, Amanda and Mary Pat), ordered prints and tissue boxes, sent such sweet notes of support, and IT ALL MATTERED.

People can show up in so many different ways. There are so many ways to love and support. You can do such little things and it can matter so much.

It made me want to show up so much more in all the big and little ways I can for so many people. It made me want to support people whose work I admire. It made me want to be a better friend. It made me want to take the time to send a quick note or text when I think of someone. It made me love the community we’ve made here and in the area in which we live – so, it made me love the whole wide world, basically. Little things make big feelings.

So, here’s how the day started:



As you can see, I was really ready and confident. My husband snapped this picture while he laughed at me. You should know that, generally speaking, being able to write things does not correlate to being able to stand in front of your guts on a table and sell them. I’d have felt better taking my top off, I think. I probably would have sold less though.

Standing in front of a table with your words on them, your guts before everyone – the piece you wrote on that really hard day or that really great day or on that day you had a miscarriage – it felt a little like standing naked. It’s a whole lot easier to share things from my couch behind my computer screen.

Quickly, though, it wasn’t so scary. And that’s how vulnerability goes. Once your people come – people you hoped would come and people you never expected to come – you don’t need the fetal position so much. You can stand straight with your shit if you’ve got people next to you. They’re all standing with theirs – probably using you for balance just the same – anyways.

photo-5 copy

photo-5 copy

This picture is from the end of the night. Those girls in there (and a whole bunch more who came throughout the day or were there virtually, and my family and cousins) are my marketing team. You all helped me so much all month long so that I could be ready. You’ve encouraged, you’ve shared the words I write, you’ve been there.

People say women can be competitive and catty with one another and I say to that: Not if you find the right ones. Find the right ones – the ones who hold you up, who set you up so that you can do your thing because they know that your thing will not take away from their thing. There are more than enough things for everyone, I really do believe.

A great big thanks to West Elm in Oakbrook, especially to Rachel Bushman and Amanda Bullen. Without those two women, I never would have had yesterday.

I’ll be adding some of the prints that were available yesterday to the shop this week. If you need a gift or some love for yourself, I’d love if you’d consider shopping here.

Thank you, thank you.



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