Lighthouse... (and a bit of news).

Hi! Before you read the whole of this piece, I want to share a bit of exciting news....

I have been wondering what to make of all of this writing for a while now: Should I try for a book?  Do I have a book to write?  Should I continue doing what I am doing?  I don't have any real answers for most of my questions but I have this: some of my pieces will be for sale at a number of stores around the Midwest come September.  I'm super excited about it, and also nervous, of course.  Starting in September, I will provide you with a list of stores where you can purchase prints of my work if you'd like.  I promise they'll be cute, they will be small, and they will not be expensive.  I'm imagining you'd purchase one of these prints instead of a dumb throwaway card (dumb throwaway cards are THE.WORST. in my mind - a waste of both money and paper) or for yourself to tape on your fridge (or for you fancy asses who have it together and are decisive, to hang in a respectable white frame).  Anyways, this is one of the pieces that will be available... I hope you like it.  Would you buy one for a friend?  Yourself?  Talk to me.

If you have a storefront and would consider showcasing my work, please contact me through this site.  Thanks so much.



There is no leash long enough, no bubble big enough, no world that won’t leave its mark on them at some point.

We let them go; we have no other solid choice but to let them go when they are ready and to stand at the shore as their lighthouse.

We stand lookout at the shore of their world hoping our desire alone will make its way out into the smooth sea and keep it as calm as can be for as long as possible.

When it turns, when the storms roll in and change the tide, I will yell from the shore, “Find the light and swim!”

Find the light. Swim back. Stay afloat. Get to shore. Catch your breath… until you’re ready to go out and do it all again.

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