Errands with A Two-Year-Old (in Pictures)

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photo-4 copy 2
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"Last stop.  Just going to run in and get what we need," we say.  "No biggie.  It'll only take a second.  We'll run in and run out.  Come on, Little Buddies." You guys, it is just never that when they are with us.  I present to you this gallery installation, which could be called, "Does This Count As My Workout?" or "Why Am I Not A Size 2?" or "Naptime is Gonna Be Awesome" or "Daytime Babysitters Are Where It's At, But I Don't Have One" or "Sorry to Everyone in Michaels This Morning."

And, you know, of course I forgot the main thing that I went there to buy.  That's why errands are never finished.  And what makes them such fun - who wants to get the thing they went in to buy?  Boring people, that's who.

All of this and three lovely women telling me how I will miss these days.  I will, I am sure, partly because I will simply forget.