Come for Them

If I left you tomorrow,would you remember how our eyes locked when our souls connected on levels at which only mothers and children can go?

Small mercies would be given, I pray. A shopping trip here, a lunch date there.

But who would be with you when the shit hits the fan? When your boyfriend dumps you…. When your friends are being assholes…. When you’re in your thirtieth hour of labor….

Friends, oh Friends of mine! Will you come for them? Will you come out of your homes, out of your busy lives to offer some small semblance of comfort to them?

When she gets her period. When he needs flowers for his prom date. When she has a baby. When he needs a new sport coat. Even when they’re older and you think they don’t need you anymore. Even when you think someone else has it covered. Please come for them. Please invite them. They are still my babies.

Will you be the one? Please be the one that makes them believe that the world is good and kind and giving. Please be the one that makes them think I haven’t left them entirely.

Make them see that my love for them did not die and that they are not alone. Make them see what I would have shown them had I been able to stay.