Star Student

If no one’s coming through in offering you words of encouragement about yourself, don’t despair. You may need to take the task into your own hands, however.

On May 9th, my baby determined, upon counsel from himself, that he is, in fact, a Star Student. He took this sheet out of his classroom’s kindergarten bin and filled it out for himself by himself. He pinned it up on our refrigerator where it will stay until school’s out.

Do what you gotta do to make it through May: believing in yourself works.

What’s the saying? “The best emperors crown themselves.” (Also, probably: the craziest, most narcissistic, but that’s neither here nor there when you’re 5🤞.)

Finally, if you’re a mother and there’s something your heart desires for Mother’s Day: You must tell them what you want and/or you must plan it for yourself. It’s just the way it is. Take the proverbial Star Student sheet out of the bin and fill it out for yourself. Pin it up on the fridge for all to see. You’ve gotta make it happen. If you really, really want something a certain way, then they (whomever) really, really have to know what it is. Clearly. Like, spoken and also texted so that you can show proof, if needed (it’s almost always needed).

My children are not babies anymore and so, it’s funny, I don’t really care what I do for Mother’s Day. I don’t need sleep like I used to want to sell my soul for and I don’t need a shower like everyone else probably wanted to sell their souls for me to take. We’re in the golden years: no babies, pre-teens. Star Students, all of us.

Happy May. Ask for what you’d like, make what you want happen. I’ll pin it up on my fridge for you if you need.

Anne FlavinComment